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The Center for Children's Health

Injury Prevention

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Reduce risks. Planning ahead will increase your ability to keep your child safe and sound.

Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death in children of all ages. The Center for Children's Health has created programs and coalitions to prevent unintentional injuries.

In our six-counties for 2015, only half of the children wear bike helmets and 12.5% of children have an injury requiring medical care annually.

Below are the percentages of parents who reported their child (ages 0-5) had an accidental injury requiring medical attention during the previous year (2015):

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Safe Kids North Texas - Fort Worth

Safe Kids North Texas - Fort Worth

Safe Kids North Texas - Fort Worth (SKNT-FW) is dedicated to helping families across North Texas to prevent unintentional childhood injuries. Our coalition focuses on child passenger safety, drowning prevention, gun safety and poison prevention. We know that being a parent or caregiver can be stressful, and we are here to offer safety tools, education and support for families.

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