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The Center for Children's Health

The Center for Children's Health, led by Cook Children's, is home to the Community-wide Children's Health Assessment & Planning Survey (CCHAPS), Community Health Outreach and Community Health Research. The center's goal is to create aligned collaborations that will allow us to make our North Texas region one of the healthiest places to raise a child.

Improving the health of North Texas children

Community Programs

Community programs

The Center for Children's Health is proud to lead community coalitions in our six-county region that are dedicated to improving children’s health in the specific community they serve. These coalitions include:

Health Issues

Health issues

Based on our Community-wide Children's Health Assessment & Planning Survey (CCHAPS) conducted in 2008, we have identified six health issues impacting the children in our six-county area:

Community Events

Community events

We are committed to fostering growth, cultivating positive relationships and providing resources to the North Texas community. Join our efforts by participating in one of the following events:

Community-wide Children's Health Assessment & Planning Survey

Every three years, Cook Children's conducts a Community-wide Children's Health Assessment & Planning Survey (CCHAPS) to identify the health needs of children in our community. The survey results help guide us, along with our community partners, in developing solutions that address the most important issues.

CCHAPS plays a key role in our community health needs assessment. The assessment includes a review of facts from government and other health organizations, as well as input from community leaders regarding their views on children's health.

We use the information and survey results to track our progress over time and to help Cook Children's and other nonprofit organizations, governments and churches in our area better serve children and families.

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Community Health Needs Assessment Report and Implementation Strategies

Public comment on this report is encouraged and should be sent via email to:

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